Monday, May 17, 2010

it keeps on happen!

sigh sigh sigh !!
really speechless ..
yes. i lost it again..
twice in a month.
1st time :
my new hp..dropped on the road side until i reached home only realised
and dint go back to the place find it immediately .my fault.
at last the fella off the phone.and i canot phone in again.
2nd time :
i went to zouk in KL, my friend parked at a car park where it is quite dark + wide !
we see it quite normal coz many cars are there we just parked thr.
As i know my carelessness so i decided to put my belongings into the car boot
so that i wont drop my hp + purse in the club coz i got another experience which i drop my purse in the club in penang.zzz
hell..dunno how many thousand times i wanna drop it and lost it !! making me speechless + helpless !
this is the most serious coz inside my bag got 2 hp -- 1 of it is my friend's hp.he borrowed to me coz i lost it  b4 that which i mentioned above.
we suspected that my friend forgot to lock her car and the thief open the boot and search all the place in the car to get something valuable.
my friend's purse + 2 pairs of shoes had been stolen as well.even the key .the thief wanted to get it.wat the hell.
can u go to die !!!!??
my 2 hp are very old purse don hv alot of cash. don hv any credit card.
no point u took it better than u return me. !!! really making ppl pissed off!!
my bag + my wax all gone !!
feel ashame to tell anyone after this happened.
no1 wannna listen to this anymore ..no1 will care about it anymore.
it's too many times..
and i don scared of telling my parents also.
i just told evrythng. i worried tat the cb kia will phone to my parents for threaten.
tat's y i feel the need to tell them.
the only lucky thing is my ic still v me.
BUT....... listen the story 1st.then ukno why i say but ..

TOday i went to redo my bank card..
the clerk told me..miss ur ic sudah rosak..tak boleh scan..
zzzz.. i was like =.=lll
then she asked u ada license tak??
zzzzzz i lost wallet leh..license suregone also la..
means i gotta repair ic or renew a license 1st only ccan get bac mybank card.

it really spoilt my mood to go redang !!
got so many things to prepare and buy and i lack of money.
really fan !
pls ! go away ! my bad luck .
enough !