Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Pre-Shopping Day before my FYP1 presentation

Yeshhh,shopping mode is on again..for CNY!!!
but im very very sure that tomorrow i will be even more EXCITED than now!!!
Coz It's my presentation for fyp1.im damn nervous now.
how to overcome this feeling?!
Good luck to myself.and i hope my moderator wouldnt ask so many in-detail question.
Saw my pic above,you'd already guessed that i hv bought something for myself.xD~
Let's begin..
While counting down for my FYP1 presentation,
I went to new jusco in melaka.have a quick shop!
But in a hurry, i bought 1 pore tightening serum(rm80) and 1 deep clearing clay mask(rm65).
and last but not a least a serum(rm27) for my Dry hair.
for the consideration of im going to dye my hair tmr.
so i hv to purchase a new moisturizer for my hair.
it's going to hurt my hair badly.
But i still want to dye.haha.

Cam-whore in the fitting room is the thing i always do!

Hair Mist- it's organic one,dunno true anot?!
i just buy it coz it is not very expensive after 20% discount

Clay Mask for Dr.Young.hope it's effective for my PORE!!
It's time to heal it!!
i had abandoned it since a long time! Coz i dont even care about it last time T___T

Pore tightening Serum (rm80)

Only 3 thing but cost me rm172+.
but i got one free bbcream from dr.young series as well especially for Acne Skin.

Stop Here.! 
Im gonna update my Fyp Days soon if i still got the mood to talk about it.lol.
Jia you !!
for tmr!!

Saturday, January 1, 2011

New Year?! 2011

Everyone aims for a good begin at the new coming year.So do I.
I actually wished to spend the 31/12/2010 with freaking high + excited Mood.
As Fyp + assignments are really tortured me until i wanna get myself drunk on the day!
Every time,as usual, It was out of expectation!
 things  weren't under controlled.Thing was messed up!
I cried , I teared, I was so upset on the day at the Night until the Midnite!
i couldn't sleep well and dreamed something bad.
Is it any bad sign hinting me to make a decision...
I saw myself a ugly emotion, weak in heart.
It's hard to get out of these. I found out myself didnt know how to be a strong person while i tot i could be!