Friday, October 14, 2011

A SImple word yet a hardest word to say

Do you apologize every after when u do wrongly?
A simple word - sorry could actually comfort one's injured heart.
Sometimes it might be late or it cant change the cruel fact, but it does not mean that you can ignore this word to the person u had owed. Just open ur mouth and say.  Actually it's not as hard as u think.
No matter to who, family, friends or boyfriend/girlfriend.

Im here to apologize to whoever i've hurted before. You know who you are.
although i ard said that. I experienced that, some people really dont know how to apologize.
You din realise that is ur fault? Or you know you are wrong, but you're not willing or feel scared to say that?Do you ever be more considerate, try to imagine what's their feeling...
I understand this feeling very well. It's hurted and so much disappointment you will got from the person.
In fact, i feel ashamed and guilty, as i did wrongly yet i din't apologize immediately :(
Im really sorry for this time, deeply ! How much tear had been dropped for these.
How much sadness that it caused. I just can say sorry to you.

This time, i experienced what is the feeling of hurting a person. it's so much suffer than you're being hurted by someone. It's true. Have you ever cried until u feel the pain on your heart?
So painful it did. But i believe that you can be forgiven one day if you learn from mistake and apologize sincerely. It takes time indeed, to cure one's heart and accept you once again.
All you need to do, is to be patient and put more effort to care them.

I ever blamed that why is that my life having so much of tears after i enter my U-life.
Unlike my previous life, no disappointment, no sorrowness no pain.
But do you know, No pain,No gain.
Everyone needs to grow up, not from your outlook, But your mind.
You grow up every after you teared. You became a caring person, as you know how to concern people's feeling at 1st before you do something or say something.
This is life!You wont be perfect if you only face happiness. You wont know how to appreciate if you never lose anything/anyone that you love so much.
Im sure that everyone heard that : " Appreciate what you have now!"
But do u really appreciate that? If you dont, please do it now..... you will cry like nobody if oneday it has gone.

Do you know?
im touched and smile hardly in heart while im crying ,
when i know you grown up to be like a man for me.
But Why? T______T 
I love the title of this song " the Best Mistake i've ever made "
It is a huge sacrifice for you and me ,to withness you turned over a new leaf.
God, i need your guidance to lead me to the right path. I'm in lost! 

Lesson learnt : Concentrate on work, would make you put asside your stuff temporary. Jiayou to everyone that i love <3