Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Next Direction

Heard that the year of snake is a good year for Dragon babies. I don't really care about it in fact , whether it is "fan tai sui" or not. i just live my life as usual. Since it's a good one, i hope it will last for the end of this year. Let's get smooth throughout this year,dragon babies =) regardless on career, love, health, family and etc.

I have got 3 offers from different companies recently. I would name them as Company A,B&C first.haha. Im ready to resign from my current company, canot imagine how delighted am i now. Just sent an email to my bosses to notify them about my resignation, hope it can be settled in fast. Btw, i had rejected Company A which offered me on last week. They can pay me well & told me that if i got another offer from other company, they would like to offer me higher than the company. I had gone to interview at Company B last month. The job scope is really what im looking for, which is why im so desperated to get it. Personally felt that i did well for the 2nd interview. I waited for 1week, they didnt inform me/update me about my status as they promised me to let me know after a week.I was so moody and insomia for this. So i wrote an email to the director, fortunately he replied me the next day, and he told me to bare with them patiently. Okay =.= 2nd week passed, no update again... my mood drop to the bottom already. My friend who works in the company told me that there are 2 male candidates, i personally send an SMS to the sales manager asking how was it. Again he replied, under review, please be patient ,after CNY will be finalised =.="". hahaha....It seems that i cant live without the job and so desperate.
!! After this i tell myself, must think positively, and face it naturally. Dont be over-confident/give too much hope so that you wont feel so disappointed if it is a bad news.
I've got complaint during the 1st interview about my attire from the receptionist.  i wore a white sleeveless + slightly transparent top(with tube) with a black skirt. However, i still got the chance to go for 2nd interview, so During 2nd interview i wore a high neck top + black blouse with a black skirt (just right above my knee) . BUt, there was still ppl claimed that i m sexy?? idk where did my sexiness comes from? !i was so worried this is the reason they dont hire me. Things goes great cuz they called me on this monday morning. i was soooo happpppy ! Finally i got it after a month.Especially when you did not put so much hope and look forward to look for other company, and you received the call. Great !!

So,This morning i went to Company B collected my offer letter and signed it. After that, i went to Company C for interview. I wanted to reject the interview invitation but the Hr kept persuading me yesterday when i called up and said that the boss wish to meet me and bring me lunch after the interview. It's impolite to reject and my friend was the one recommend me. So gotta "give some face". The director is a really good & successful man, he develops and manages his company all well, no doubt, the company's performance is very good for oversea & local business.he is very straightforward person cuz he wanna hire me on the spot and can pay better than A/B. He hires a staff by following his heart. He think he can click with the person, he will select you no matter you are poor in technical skills, but of course you must have a good attitude and personality. I promised him 2 days later ill give him a call and let him know my answer. He knows all my situation, he knew that ive got offer letter and how much they pay me & understand that the percentage is lesser for me to choose his company. Actually, i promised him to give a fair consideration for both company. Canot deny that i do hesitate at this moment. At the same time, i canot break my promise to Company B, they are so worried that i would not report on the first day of employment.

When come to choice/making decision, headache comes as well. =.= 
Company B
- Product Sales position (hose/air spring/autod hose)
- Travel oversea frequently eg: sg, india, aussie, japan etc.
- not a high demand business if compare to company c
- Multinational Company
- lower pay

Company C
-Solution Sales Position (air con)
-Travel oversea occasionally
-more challenging
-must have strong technical skills
-growing company (HQ in itally)
- higher pay

In my heart, there is an answer, but there is no harm i compare with each other. It's beneficial to me.
Btw, i really wanna thank to my friends & some job hunters helps to get the jobs. There are no news at all if i applied through jobstreet.. can get you an interview chance faster. But there is still a little contribution which jobstreet provided me. Cuz the job hunters saw my resume on jobstreet...Lol....Nowadays, i wont feel fear/nervous during job interviews. Thanks to my current job lah, as i get the chances to meet different kind/level of people. Im kinda used to it. Interview is a  great chance to promote yourself to the company...hahaha. Maximize your goodness, minimize your weekness. Or turn your weakness to your please rmb don't ever mention the badness of your current company if they ask why do you wanna leave your current company?
If you have any doubt on job interview, Just ask google! Enhance your communication skill before attending an interview. hehe.

that's all......
buai ~