Saturday, July 3, 2010

Dress For Birthd@y ~

nice ?? rm38 per piece
from the picture seen, i love this dress so much..
it is a good and nice one.
i've been a long time nvr go shopping.
it's kinda suffer when seeing friends buying alot of things, and you just can keep on trying different clothes without buying them. *sob*
girls love lace~
me too..
the dress is full of ~
im buying this.
getting it around 20th July.
hope i can wear it during my birthday .


Next dress,
 as shown in pic below..
not the small jacket..
but the flower-printed dresss.
i like this as well.
but becoz of the flower-printed design.
so im afraid that it would look older on me.
Bad that i cant touch the fabric ..
im worried if both of the dress's quality are bad .
it is non returnable..
tat's the badness of purchase online.
but it's cheaper and convenient

Today i went to new JJ.
i bought a black high heel from vincci.
it costed me rm85.00
expensvie.. heartache 
it's a little bit look like the high heel which the model wore.

Coz im being dumped today.
so saddd.
i m supposed to go KL ..
BUt .hell ya. the feeling is so bad when u're told that there is no more place for you.
u couldn't go anymore..
Only one thing could make me happy 
tat is shopping.
buy the thing that i wanted ..
today i spent alot. it's just the head of the month . i spent rm144 + rm85 ..
2 T shirt + 1 high heel + 2 dress(above)
my father only gave me rm300
i still hv to pay rental..

this few months .
i keep telling myself..not to buy this n that.coz i don wan to have a POOR LIFE that i had been everytime after ptptn money finished.
suffer .@@

luckily i still hv infineon's pay to survive.