Wednesday, November 23, 2011


It's Scary when you Suddenly become single.........

and you're not with ur family.........

i miss home ................

Sunday, November 20, 2011

First Day....

Today is the First Day..




being alone ....

Friday, November 11, 2011

Bored in the officee

Had finished my task. So free, and im so dare. open the blog and start typing.
There are cctv around.but i still don care. =.="
see when i got caught and warned.
Recently, when im driving alone,
My brain tends to be empty, not concentrate, 
after that it started to appear a lot of pictures and memories especially when OneFM is playing the song of this movie "you're an apple of my eye". 

I really love this movie. X10000000000 (infinity) haha. The movie director picked the right female character as she is really those type of girl that many guys would fall for her during secondary school . i Believe that every of your high school sure having these kind of girls. haha. so called "wan ren mi".
I recalled a lot of memories, memories with old friends!I guess that it would be perfect if you are watching together with a bunch of your high school friends.

She is not very very very pretty, But, she is adorable and people would like to make friends with her.
She looks totally cute with her two dimples. i cant believe that she is 28 yrs old currently, but she looks so young, and just like 22-23 years old girl. 
The guy is too handsome, sad that why there was no any guy look like him during my batch. haha.

 There are few scenes that etched in my heart.
i remember one of the conversations in the movie, when the girl's best friend said to her:
" Dont tell me that you feel annoying letting so many guys tackle you?"
"No, but i felt that im the one who is the most xing fu in this world." 
Haha, actually, i ever felt tat during my younger time, it's not because of so many guys fall for me like her la..haha .it's because of i have many best friends that treat me very goooodd! I miss the days that we spending together last time.  

Next, it's when the guy lost the girl, and he said 
"a same age Guy can nvr be more matured than a same age Girl"
"their mature made you feel helpless and you'll nvr experience it at tat moment" .
So whenever the girl keep scolding him that he is childish!!stupid...He couldn't understand why did she say so..but blaming her why she doesnt agree with what he likes.
this is so true....i experienced myself !!!

And one more scene that i felt touched
the guy said "Who can sincerely wish a girl to be blissful when the groom isn't himself.,no way!"
However, when the bride walk out together with the groom to the stage, 
He saw the smile at her face. He changed his mind, oppose of wat all he said just now.
He again said: "It can be, It's possible to be happened, if you really love someone, you feel it's worth whenever you see her faithful smile.You only wish her to be happy rather than owning her."
One moreee, is when he kissed the grooom touchhiiingg! and i feel sam tong for him coz he couldnt be with the girl. 

Anyhow, i feel this is the best part of the movie. If he can be with the girl, Then it's just a normal movie.. Sometimes, imperfection makes thing just so perfect.