Thursday, November 25, 2010


I'm so So so so so Stressful !!
Finally i feel the stress that i always heard from Final year students.
Which is about FYP! final year project.
Until now,it is already week6, but i did nothing!yeah, it's nothing yet !
that's y i'm so panic!Slowly, i lost confidence in myself , i don't think it can be done by me.
I seem like dont Have any talent on doing those stuff.
i have to come out with a hardware+software.A hardware which comprises of a lot of electronics components.
Then, to write a program to make the hardware works. Make a dead thing to be alive.
How great it is?! Do you think i'm capable in doing/handling all these?!
Nothing is impossible?!! If you think  you can then you can! Is it true?!
Some guys Dont even dare to take this challenge, but i did! i really hope i learn a lot of thing from my fyp and increase my cgpa.!!

Just have some talk with a person!
making my mood so freaking down !!!
He does not care others feeling ! He only cares about himself...
I don't get any encouragement from him at all but getting alot of so called "advice",
Of course i care about my fyp,i Really Dont hv any knowledge on this..
i've gone thru all the schematic + software.
many things still an unknown to me. I got no direction at all?! You know what to do as u did tat b4.
So mad when i asking so many questions?! BUt in the end scolding me Nvr care about my own thing?
Sometimes just dunno how to communicate with this kind of person..
he just live for himself!!
I dint look for help?! why are u so sure?! huh?!!