Thursday, August 18, 2011

hair becomes longer ^^

 i like the maroon hair band!gonna collect more of this kind of hair band! hehe

 BLekk,just hi to blogger! few months i din update my blog!

hahaha..i know it's very annoying + self esteem!!!
But,it's my blog! 
i've right to post it..
my hair,my dear hair, i see u got longer this recent!!
very happppy! and no more lala- look ,no more yellowish hair!!hahaha
GOnna start my working life on 8th of september!!
DUnno how it would be! 
very nervous + looking forward to it!
i wanna be a tough girl who can live with my own!
Without money support from parents but with my own ability!
it's a tough life as u're not gonna save up much money when u choose to work in kl.
my choice is still --KL
Because of what?
Many reasons..
i just did according to my feeling! 
I havent got a room in kl yet..gotta find a comfortable place for myself with cheaper rate.
Coz i don want to move from 1 place to another place.thus,it's better to find it slowly .
In the meantime, i think i would stay in my friend's room 1st as he's going to korea soon.
Luckily, his place is near to my future working place!
anyhow, i havent got the offer letter yet!
i guess the company wont simply break their promise rightt....
if not im gonna hunt for another job >.<