Friday, April 16, 2010


how lucky am i as i've been selected to go for an interview in infineon.
cause many ppl applied to the company but didn't get any reply or called.
Infineon is a good company,many people are having high expectation &good image to this company.
i guess im the one who is very lucky , i was wondering thr are so many emails.
does josephine(the one who incharge in arrangement for trainee) really see it?
therefore,i phoned to her on last friday to ask whether she received my email?
unfortunately,she really nvr see my email,so i was told to send again my resume to her.
And this wed i got her reply in email which informed me to go for an interview
with my future supervisor at 10am.

Until today i only know that the department whr i went for interview is R&D--research &development.
A load of works need to be done in this apartment.
The 1st requirement in this department is --you must hv a very strong english must be able to do presentation with good speaking skills infront of 10-20 ppl , you must hv a good communication skills.
Two interviewers were there with me.
i was asked to introduce myself .Everything was fine until they asked me some electronic basic.
hmmm..2 basic questions made my interview become worst..
i had forgotten 0.7v transistor made by which material.?!
the worst is capacitance is in the unit of Farad. really feel like punching myself.
The thing is like ard edged in my head, simple as abc,but why i cant answer the question?!=.=
sometimes it's kinda disappointed with myself.But ,it's a good experience also.
Must train myself to speak proper english in front of people.Compared to last time,i know i've improved.
At least i know what should i do next time.There are still alot of thing that i nid to learn and improve.
He told me that.if you really work in R&D,it's good for ur future.Other company has high ranking to ppl who work in R&D before as they are trained well.

From what he told me today,i really feel tat it's a challenge for me if i really got the offer from infineon.
i always wish tat i can improve my english speaking skills & presentation skills!.
it's a good chance for me to adapt and practise myself.
At the same time, i'm scared also ..haha.
Everything just let it be,and waiting for the news.
if i staying at here means my interview pass.
if i bac in png,means my interview fail ..LOL

Tuesday, April 13, 2010


the mood of this recent =(
hardly to smile ..
busy with assignment.
worrying of my internship..
had a long time nvr hang out with friend & bf..