Thursday, June 23, 2011

Self- Development

I think i have measured my weight with 4 different weighing machines...It shows 46kg!!
shouldn't be a mistake d!!Previously ,i got 48kg OMG! it's really frighten me very much.
i Gained so much of weight..Im only 155cm with ,48kg is very very heavy..

Therefore, i decided to lose weight and keep fit recently. It's day-9th of my jogging day..
Few days back, finally the weight is back to normal. Now, i hope i can lose 2 more kg to reach 44kg.
It's really really difficult, as my normal weight is 46kg,
normally when it reaches 46kg, it wont be dropped anymore.i guess that is my limit!
So, i have to put more efforts ,time and patience to keep fit!!I have to change my eating habit as well.
But, currently, i m still eating rice everyday! 2 meals of rice in one day!
As im staying at home,that'y i eat what my parent has prepared.
Taking much carbohydrate could bring you alot of calories, If i wanna lose weight, i should hv cut carbohydrate food. Especially rice. T_T
i asked my parent not to cook tat much of rice. But they still cooked so much.
 I'm forced to eat so tat it's not wasted..

15th of july is the deadline that is given by myself.haha..
i wanna achieve it!!!!! gambateh to my self!! LOL

Monday, June 20, 2011

Life after QUit-ing MMU

 After fyp and final exam were done, my life is pretty relax and no more tension.
but, i lack of money seriously.T.T Therefore, i started to do part time since i was so free.
As i had a lot of plan in my mind, i wanted to own so much of thing and wanted to go travelling so much.
That's why i need money so damn much than u can imagine.
Seeing everyone went to travel after graduate, so envy and wish im the one in the photo.
I wish to go HK/Taiwan for now.But is hard to find companion together as it's not a small amount to go on a vacation.

life after exam, i was still in melaka for half of a month only i move bac to penang.
To leave a place that i had lived for 5 years, it's kinda weird, i mean the feeling! i Dont tear, dont feel sad at all as i know one day i'll be back. 
before going back to hometown i had gone to KL for twice. haha .it's like my another home
as many close friends are there. when i go to kl, i don feel strange at all as i know there are people when i need
First change after exam was my hair..i dyed it;s very fake.but i purposely chose this color.
wanted to try since long time ago.
jeng jeng .. fact, i miss my bright hair so much..
wanted to dye colored hair dy.
on the way to kl with mashi and wewe...was so lonely and bright..
coz i was the light bulb that day..hahaha

waiting them in ikea..dunno whr they had gone

was going here n there the same time doing part time..
but all part time salary havent released..POOR!!!
when can i get all the money!!!
i was doing 2 part time for DEFINE's actually a cigratte event ..
although the pay is very high, but i have to wait for 2 months or maybe longer to get the money.
I will not survive if i depend on this part time.
 NO choice, everything is about money..
i gotta do more part time..
This time i worked for Modeno Furniture instead of Milan furniture.
two bosses are good actually.
Modeno offer higher commision compare to milan furniture.
they oso provide foods during the fair.haha
Milan's boss has better strategy to do business and very generous to workers also.
He will bring workers go to club, travel and so on. And all sponsored by him.

there are 4 days for the fair.. canot believe that i din do any sales for 3 days..
Fortunately, i did 18k sales on the last day! my luck was back..
BUt still unable to hit 20k+ to claim 2% of the total sales. 18k only can be claimed 1% commision.
but thankgod that i still can do so much sales at the last day. so i felt satisfied d.

Back in hometown, i continue part time as well..
this time i work for spritzer.selling the spritzer fibre drink..the response was pretty good from customers.
i felt it's easy to sell. I am required to work for 3 weeks.
this week is the last weekend. but the job is easy and i got to know some new friends there.

 Spritzer Promoter Look.
 The 1st day work, i tot the time of working is from 10-10pm..
but actually started at 12 and ended at 9pm..
sigh, early in the morning i dy wake up for work..
reach there..there is no one there to guide me where to to phone the in charge person as well.
so i waited in the car until 12pm.
after 12pm, i went into jusco again. there is finally a person to bring me to my booth.
He showed me where are those product located, teach me how to punch card all that.
Jusco has its own system.
The 1st day working seem not smooth to me..i  wear a black jeans and black shoes (with hole at the front).
The guard in jusco told me that i should wear black slack + covered feet black shoes.
Before i started working, i ard spent rm69 for slack n shoes =.=""
But the guard is kind, she purposely bring me to scarllet department to buy the slack and chose the size for me..she treated me just like her friend. thankyou sister.

the next day i tot everything is smooth again, as i got black slack+ black shoes..who knows another guard stop me to entering again.she told me that i canot wear white color socks.i hv to were covered feet socks!!! 
damn it!! didnt tell me earlier that, i hv to waste money again!!!!!arghghghg !
really frustrated!!

I went to Kl again to meet shuang,sam and yen ching on wednesday.
was a rush trip i hv to bac on friday...coz i got part time job on weekends.
and the whole trip, again, i din take any picture with them!!
only got my own picture.
 camwhore in the toilet while waiting yen ching to fetch me for dinner at kimchiharu.

 See my blue black! so fast it turn into red from green after massage. credits to a person lor!!..ish
making my leg looks so ugly with shorts!
 this is what i always did--sitting bus alone!! since the day i enter MMU..
take bus to melaka. bac penang from melaka..alone..
so used to sit bus already...and hate it!!! 
 Luckily i have my ipod shuffle with me during my lonely journey! thanks to my friends!! 

Recently, i realised that i getting fatter n fatter especially my arms,cheek,legs,stomach..
can say whole body! OMG..
it's time to do exercise.keep my body fit and slim!!
im 23 years old. it's time to keep myself pretty and slim !!
Woman getting older must know how to bao yang!!if not how to fight with those 18 yrs old young girls..hahahaha
i jog everyday during weekdays!!
this is the sky today when i was jogging..
 Capture it while jogging.haha.nice view!
It's my taman in simpang ampat!