Thursday, March 25, 2010


Life is so empty without exams,
Life is so fuck up with exams,

life is so mess up without routines,
life is so dull with routines,

Life is so rich without shopping,
Life is so wonderful with shopping.

life is so peaceful without clubbing
life is so crazy with clubbing.

Life is unchanged without me.
My life is so sad without you.

keep ON repeating the same thingg..
i envy you that having your own talent.
My eyes are shine while seeing you stand on the stage.
Im nothing special in my god-damn life!

Friday, March 12, 2010











Thursday, March 11, 2010

Chinese New Year in2010

No doubt,this CNY i did have fun for whole week since i bac in hometown.
i started busy when i reach here until the day i bac to melaka.
it was quite different with last few years.
i think it's becoz we're getting elder, we're having more freedom frm parents starting from now.
it's sad to accept the fact that we're getting older.isn't it.
we're gonna find a job and take the responsibility to take care of the family ,
sooner,  u'd enter ur very own life,it'd perhaps be a tough,stressful.or maybe a successful journey.
all of these,we've gotta find a way out.All depends on your own.No complaint No blame.
it's kinda lazy to list down what had i done during this cny holiday .
what else can we do during CNY.?
visiting old friend's house,visiting grandma,visiting popo,visiting god-mother,
visiting ex tuition teacher.illegal gambling in the house,getting angpow,
reunion with ex school mate.These routine should be happened in CNY?
but we had fun.feel glad to c tat we're still having a strong bonding btw each other.
i hope it can be long lasting.We shared our story & feeling.
We took alot of picture.We compared v each other,we made fun on each other.
Everytime i gathered v my old girl friends,We could not stop discussing bout plan on slimming body.
We shared the experience together.we teased on each other.we are always not satisfied with our weight.
but hell yeah,i got affected by them..i do exercise more often compared to last time & do not eating too much!it's sucks man. coz u gotta skip lot of tasty food ! sigh! 

5th 5s1 reunion party happened in Autocity seoul garden..
organiser--fish kang
the guys ~

One of the imperfection for every chinese couple in this CNY
was the date fall exactly the same day with V-day!
However,it didnot really make me down.
He loves me & cares me ,tat's the main point!
i dunno how long we can be,
but i can tell that he is always a very important person for me.
I hope he can be a caring man tat i wish him to be.
Sumtimes,a little surprise from him can really mesmerized me.
Cause u'll nver expect that he will do this for you.Haha!
He've got the sense of humor, he always make fun in front of me & make me laugh lk a siao por.
You will nvr c this side of him if u were his friend.
My friend said ur bf seems cool .
Coz u dunno him well like i do.
How much i explaint there is still an unknown.
i still miss him during this season..=)

he gifted me roses & necklace! love biu ~

Here are some photo which had been taken during CNY which i didnt post in FB.
we went to shaoyang house on chu yi with
hui sheng,wc,hui rou,teikhwa,wei tatt,chee keat & gary.


 this fella ..i had been a long time nvr meet her.she is my good good friend.
till now her stupid pattern still nvr change at all..=.=
and she had gaint her weight..HAHAHA.

Reopen school..
i continue gambling in mlk..
these are all syiling which won by lee lin song.
sad ~
total up--rm100+
he was very lucky tat day!
The cny ended on the day 15th.
Bac to school,everyone busy with their midterm exam & lotof assignments.
usually we still got time to visit melaccan friends.
but now,
The stress ruined the Cny mood ..

chinese new year ended just lk tat..
awaiting for next year !