Friday, May 10, 2013

Awesome Korea Trip 2013

Time is running fast, one-eye-blink, my Korea Trip had reached.
Over-excited for it, as you know, it was winter and i hadn't experienced it! 
One week before the trip, i actually started to do my packing, got all the winter cloths done. 
However, until the day before the trip, i was still packing, forgot about this and that! I can never fight with my carelessness and forgetful brain. Kinda fed up some times. 

After the trip, seriously think that i need a backpack for next round trip, too much inconvenience caused to myself. Luckily, i have two caring Botha, they will always help me to keep my water bottle, scarf, Powerbank, etc. feel regretted that i dint buy the RM30 backpack in Korea.  

To travel around Korea, you need to learn some basic korean language in order for you to communicate with them in ordering food, buying stuff, asking route, etc. Since it's an independent and first world country, they can survive in their own country. They don't really treat English importantly. But, some of my korean friends aware of the importance, they do speak a better English.
I had never expected that It could be so cold! It was reallly cold once i reached Seoul. According to Korean, Seoul and Jeju Island are colder than Busan. Seriously got no mood to walk on the street on the 1st day, you cant feel your hands, your lips would start to be dried out, you would feel the pain on your ears. damn uncomfortable for me! idk why i still felt cold after wrapping myself like a dumpling?! how can it happened ? lol.. But Aiden Oppa told me they wore 10 layers during their military service. that is weather, you cannot beat it. I tried to adapt it day by day. 

Unfortunately, on the 2nd day, my leg started to feel painful. Is not because of i walked too much that kind of pain, my right leg could not bend when i was going downstair.I think probably due to the cold weather. Can you imagine how i walk when i reached the stairs. i Jumped =.=  And you know, my friends started to laugh at me, there were still many days in Korea, how to travel? Travel is about walking, walking and walking! without affecting my travelling-mate, i will bare with the pain. On the 3rd day, My korea friend bought me pain killer sticker. actually it wasn't helpful at all. The next day, it turned to be serious, this time i can not go upstair and downstair. wth! and i started to feel phobia when i reach staircase..... Again!Again! many staircase. The worst thing is when i went to Busan Tower, OMGoshh!!!!!! i need to go step by step to reach the damn long weh the escalator meh?! har! But Justin and Auntie Ho carried me along the way... so touched :') Thankiu ... seriousnly, i didnt have mood on 3rd day of my trip. Can see that in my photo. My face looked so pale. In the end , my leg got cured after applying the athlete's muscle loosen lotion and cooling spray from Siyeon's elder brother. Really thank you.And i bought them back to Msia. Hahaha.   

In fact, we went to 3 places which are Seoul, Busan(By 5hoursbus) and Jeju Island (by internal Flight). The foods are healthy and Tasty, if you are a korean food lover you will definitely enjoy the meals in korea, without any constipation problem ,i bet. The scenery is really awesomely B-E-A-U-T-I-F-U-L!! Let the Pictures catch your eyes , these are only part of it, gonna upload all in FB after i done my editting.  
Some Food Photos 
Chicken and pork stick.
The Street Foods are almost the same for Seoul, busan and Jeju. Maybe just different taste.

This is just like KL Pan Mee or Melaka mee Hun kuey 

In fact msia has it, but the taste is really different, must try !
(Busan-Jagalci Market)
This is just like fish ball paste, need to eat it by lining up a Long-Q.
(Busan-Jagalci Market)

Dak-gal-bi (Seoul-Nami island)
Can have it in Msia- Uncle Jang, but this one consist a lot of Seaweed.

Paris Baguette ( korean pronounces it differently, try to get them and pronounce it to you =D )
Parit Baguette Cafe is everywhere in Korea! Almost every one hour, you can see it! LOL
Pork chi-gae ( Seoul), randomly pick a restaurant 
Very famous sam gye tang in Seoul, nearby the palace (jing3 fu2 gong1)
Cold Stone Ice Cream , Nseoul Tower. 
The one Vivian holding is the best, berry Yogurt Cheese (if i have no mistaken)

Some scenery photo
Jeju Island


Seoul-Nseoul Tower

Nseoul Tower

Westen-like Building

Nami Island- Seoul (winter sonata shooting place)

Jeju Island- seong san ig jul bong 

Jeju Island 



To be continued in Fb for the photo.