Monday, September 9, 2013

Recent Life

Have you ever thought what do you like? Are you enjoying in your working or you happy cause seeing the money come every month easily?
Do you realize everyone is chasing after their dream or aim? It's a trend nowadays. Youngsters currently like to do what they prefer to do instead of being a corporate-line worker or follow the footstep from old generation.
They are now a strong thinker, but one thing you need to survive from this competitive society which is that you need to always be creative & different from others. This is how you being more extraordinary and outstanding from usual.People around me/friends from university/youngsters like us are daring to dream big.

As comparing with Gen-X, we are brave enough, not patient enough perhaps ; wanted to be successful in shorter period. I think youngsters foresee how they will be from the their parents/seniors, they knew that this is not the lifestyle they're chasing for. We are lucky enough to execute what we like however, some older people are forced to accept what they have. They appreciated what have been given instead of asking for more.There are a lot of friends doing their own business/proceeding their dream in their own way. Nobody can judge this is a good thing or bad thing, everyone has different perspective. But i definitely think that's a great thing to pursuit. 

Now, it's time for me to think what should i possess in my future. Currently, i appreciate what i have owned. i enjoy my job as a regional sales engineer as I've got the chance to visit different countries. i gain knowledge whenever i travel, i see further whenever i travel. But i knew that this is not gonna be a long term plan, one day i need to settle down instead of flying everywhere. Still i wanna emphasize, i love flying seriously!
At this age, I will fight for my current job and always look for a better career opportunity on the same field. Human being is given unlimited strength to pursue or achieve your target, everything is possible, while your action does matter to every of your outcome. You are the key person to make thing done. 

i have entered working society for 2 years. Time flies no doubt, it's a busy lifestyle where every Mon-Fri are the working days; every Mon-Thursday night are my working days as well; i have started this kind of lifestyle since last August. without hesitation, it's kinda tiring. I felt happy and do complaint at the same times. i have been teaching piano since last year, absolutely not an easy job to teach a 4 years old child @.@ i noticed that i was lack of patience lately when they do not practice what have i taught them. i put so much effort in explaining and teaching one by one. Perhaps i need some creative idea to dig their interest out of space. Now i understood my teacher's feeling. LOL. To be honest, i was once a hardworking & fast learner in Piano, personally think that my teacher was happy to teach me..Hahahaaha.. so there it is i found that interest and passion are essential when comes to instrument learning. Anyhow, i will not give up easily, i could not explain why m i still willing to go so far for just teaching a class. ?! I would say that i am still far away to be a good piano teacher, so i decide to improve myself by doing more homework + revision ; complete my theory certification. I need time seriously. Yesterday night, one of the parents did motivate me by telling that i am teaching her daughter very well. omg i feel happy just listening the few words.

Recently, i am addicted to workout and exercise! Never had this passion and determination before, it was suffering in the beginning, but slowly it would turn out to be a habit. Make it part of your life, you will definitely enjoy it. I see no harm to stay healthy in doing exercise & eating clean as i can save a lot of money, i can shed the unwanted fat, i can have a healthy body, i can learn cooking, i can know which kind of fruits are good/bad. etc. Friends asked me why i had that determination or why do you keep fit? I had no proper answer, probably i wanted to train my determination and stamina for doing something. Set a target for yourself, and make it works. It makes me understand that if you want it, then work for it, and you will own it! Although i am yet to achieve a perfect abs or butt shape. lol ,But this is so true for applying in our daily life regardless in any platform. Even though it's just a small matter yet it actually reflects on how determine we can be. Are you the person who easily give up on anything? Thanks to my boyfie who controls me so hard for eating the fattening & unhealthy food. He pulled me to gym together when we were in Melaka. i was so reluctant to go and pretend like sick. wtf  ><  I rmb once, i joined his family to have dinner in one steamboat restaurant. After eating, i went to grab some ice-cream for satisfying myself since we had doing so much exercise & just eating Vege =.= He suddenly shouted at me " Cant eat!! " in front of his family ! wth Him! His sis said : why so pity, it's like living in the prison ! i was actually wanted to have 2 bites only. You can see how strict he can be for himself & me.

However, it's over. i had gone through the hardest part. it has been 2 months for continuous exercise and eating clean. I'm entering the 3rd month and i will keep going to see how far i can be. Perhaps i can slack down a bit on October as im going to spare sometimes for another aim.

I've done so much of crap!-.- zzz.zzzz.zzz
It's better to stop here. Update next time. Ann Yeong ~ ~ ~